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iPhone 8 Component Leaks Give Us More to Drool Over

Apple's rumored iPhone 8 has been pictured every way you can imagine over the last several weeks. But now we have a look inside the device to see what's cooking.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin)

Serial leaker Benjamin Geskin, who has stayed atop the iPhone 8 rumor mill for months, has published new photos of what he says could be the components Apple is planning to use in its iPhone 8. The components include an OLED display that, according to Geskin, goes for $5,000 on the Chinese black market.

First up, Geskin, whose findings were earlier reported on by BGR, released a look at the iPhone 8's purported OLED screen. The display itself looks like every other device we've seen to date, with significant surface area and a bigger span than existing iPhone screens. The displays in question also look identical to those we've been seeing in leaks, suggesting they might indeed be legitimate.

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Additionally, Geskin showcased what could be one of two layers on the iPhone 8's circuitry board. It features a rectangular section on the lower side and a thinner panel that shoots out from the main section at the top. It follows reports that Apple would be considering using an L-shaped battery for the iPhone 8.

So, what do these components really mean? Ultimately, it suggests Apple needed to make some important changes on the component side to realize its vision of an iPhone 8. It also suggests the company could be eyeing different technologies to deliver a more compelling product to consumers.

Apple will reportedly reveal the tenth anniversary iPhone at a press event on September 12. The device, believed to be known as the iPhone 8, is expected to come with the aforementioned OLED screen. That screen will likely cover the smartphone's face, leaving no room for a physical home button.

Apple is rumored to have scrapped the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 8 and will instead rely on a 3D face scanner to authenticate users into its software.

The iPhone 8 itself is expected to deliver an all-glass chassis and should support wireless charging.

With all of those features, however, the iPhone 8 could reach or exceed $1,000. The new Galaxy Note 8 costs $930 to $960, so it's in that ballpark.

Look for more on the iPhone 8 — and its many features and components — when Apple unveils the device in a few weeks. And as always, we'll be there to cover every last detail and bring you our hands-on impressions.