Keep your stuff close with discounted Tile trackers during Amazon's Big Spring Sale

A car key with a Tile Pro bluetooth tracker on a keychain
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Tile trackers are a fantastic way to keep your stuff nearby. If you’re prone to misplacing things, whether in your house or out in the world, having a Tile attached to it will allow you to track it down in a matter of seconds. Amazon has several Tile tracker models on sale for its massive Amazon Big Spring Sale, including $20 off the Tile Pro 4-Pack. Whether you want to track your remotes, keys, wallets, or anything that finds itself lost in the abyss, these are worth picking up.

The best deal in terms of dollars off the regular price is the Tile Pro 4-Pack on sale for $79 at Amazon. It usually sells for $99, so you’ll get a $20 discount. These relatively thin trackers work on keys, bags, and all kinds of other things. They’re not quite as thin as the Tile Slim, so they won’t fit comfortably in a wallet slot, but the Pro will work in most other applications.

Tile Pro 4-pack: was $99 now $79 @ AmazonPrice check: $79 @ Best Buy

Tile Pro 4-pack: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $99 now $79 @ Amazon
The Tile Pro tracker is among the best Bluetooth trackers on the market. It's fully loaded with tracking features, including an IP67 water and dust resistance rating and a 400-foot Bluetooth range. At $20 per tracker, this is a great deal that's available as part of Amazon's Big Spring Sale.
Price check: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">$79 @ Best Buy

Tile Pro trackers feature an IP67 rating, so they can handle some water without breaking. A 400-foot range means you can narrow in on your stuff from a relatively long distance. If you’re outside of that range, you can see the last known location in the Tile app, which will help you get close enough for Bluetooth to kick in and lead you to the precise location.

You can use the Tile Pro the other way, too. So, if your phone goes missing and you have your tracker handy, you can press the button to make your phone send out an alert that’ll ring even if your phone is on silent. 

Tom’s Guide gave the newest iteration of the Tile Pro a 4.5 out of 5 in our review, calling it “ the best key finder you can buy.” Yes, that includes Apple AirTags

Amazon also offers big deals on a Tile Mate 3-pack and Tile Sticker 2-pack. The former is $56 and the latter $44. Like the Tile Pro, those are 20% discounts, making either one a steal. 

Personally, I have a Tile Sticker affixed to every single remote in my house because I’m constantly misplacing them. Sure, the Tile Sticker protrudes from the remote in a somewhat awkward fashion, but it’s more than worthwhile since I no longer have to wander aimlessly around my home for hours on end looking for the remote.

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