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Sony Claims PS5 Is "World's Fastest Console" (UPDATE)

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Editor's Note: Several days after this story was published, Sony changed its job listing to remove the "world's fastest console" claim, as discovered by Digital Trends. The original story is as follows.

Sony is claiming that the PS5 is going to be the "world's fastest console" on one of the company's job ads, gunning for the Xbox Scarlett, and you know what? It should.

The job listing for a Senior Cloud Engineering Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment has some people turning their heads, especially since the Xbox One X is currently in the lead in terms of performance compared to the PS4 Pro. 

But really, what is the job ad supposed to say? "Hey, come work for us 'to build next generation cloud infrastructure,' we have only the second fastest console around!"

No, Sony should and did say that the person applying "will also be one of the leaders of an elite team that is super excited to launch the upcoming world’s fastest console (PS5) in 2020."

It's a competition, and competition is healthy and good for consumers. We shouldn't expect anything different. Both sides are going to claim that they have the fastest console around, but we won't know for sure until we get our hands on them and test the performance.

Both Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 are slated to launch Holiday 2020, so we're still at least a whole year away from seeing how this bout turns out. Considering that both systems are packing ray tracing-enabled graphics cards and speedy SSDs,  they're shaping up to be relatively on-par with one another, but we'll know how they stack up for sure once they hit shelves. 

Rami Tabari
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