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PS5 release date could be staggered — and it’s coming here first

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony hasn’t yet revealed exactly when the PS5 is going to arrive. The official word is that the console will arrive during the 2020 holiday season.

But we may have just gotten a better idea of where the PS5 will debut first, and Sony’s own marketing materials may be to blame for tipping us off to plans for a staggered global launch. 

Twitter user Riian van Wyk spotted a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel before it was swiftly removed earlier this week. The trailer showed off the different digital editions of the game. Curiously, it also stated that the PlayStation 5 would be available for US and Canada players by holiday 2020 and "the rest of the world" by late 2020. 

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Since van Wyk brought these details to light on Twitter, the original trailer was set to private. There's a new version of the trailer, but shipping info is nowhere to be found. The same phrasing can be found on the official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War website, however. The website notes that the PS5 version of the game is "scheduled for release in Holiday 2020 in the US and Canada" and reiterates "late 2020" for the rest of the world. 

Sony has released any official comment, but given the company's relative silence on additional PS5 release matters, this new release schedule could be a very real possibility. That said, it would contradict a previous statement by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, who told that the console would launch "globally" this holiday season. 

Previously, the UK version of the PS5 product page from Sony itself had altered the console's release date to the second half of 2020 from holiday 2020. The US version has not been altered. It's possible that Black Ops Cold War could be the only part of the equation to have been staggered, but it seems unlikely that Sony would also change information on its official pages and then scramble to remove the messaging from the Call of Duty trailer. 

With the holiday season looming large, we’d expect more clarity from Sony soon on a launch date for the PS5. Earlier this week, a rumor pointed to a Sept. 9 PS5 event, and while it’s unclear whether that rumor basis in reality, we’re hoping to find out launch plans sooner rather than later.

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