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PS5 price and release date just leaked — and there's a big surprise

(Image credit: Sony)

As the PS5’s launch draws closer without any firm information from Sony about its price or release date, it’s only natural that semi-reliable leakers will step in to fill the gaps. 

The latest educated guess pegs the PS5’s launch date in November and its price around $500 — no huge surprises there. What’s interesting about this purported leak is that the PS5 might release in Sony’s native Japan one week earlier than everywhere else in the world, including the United States, Europe and China.

Information comes from Chinese tech news site MyDrivers, as reported by PlayStation enthusiast site Push Square. MyDrivers cites an “expert,” who told the site that the PS5 will launch on November 14 in Japan, but on November 20 in other territories. The expert also provided a comprehensive chart, which details how much both versions of the PS5 will cost, as well as a variety of launch accessories and a game.

PS5 prices

MyDrivers lists the PS5 Blu-ray edition at $500, while the PS5 Digital Edition will be a much cheaper $400. A DualSense Controller will cost $60, as will a PS5 HD camera. Users can also buy a media remote control for $30, as well as a vertical stand for $25. The accessory prices all seem more or less in line with accessories from previous PlayStation launches, adjusted for inflation.

The only game listed for purchase is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which will cost $40. That seems in line with previous “standalone expansion" games, as PS4 games in a similar vein, such as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, launched at the same price.

PS5 pre-order date

MyDrivers listed two other points of interest. The first is that PS5 pre-orders will start on September 9, as this date commemorates the 25th anniversary of the PS1’s release in North America. The second is that the next God of War game will not be out until 2022 — which seems like a long time to wait, but is perhaps not unreasonable, given how long the previous game took to develop.

The possibility of the PS5 launching in Japan a week early doesn't seem unfathomable, but it would go against historical precedent a bit. The PS4 came to North America and Europe in late 2013, but didn't arrive in Japan until months later in February of 2014. 

It’s important to note that while the MyDrivers report has been making the rounds in many popular Western and Asian publications, there’s nothing to corroborate this information. 

Still, the November 20 release date and $500 price points are making the rounds, so if you’re curious where they came from, now you know. As always, Tom’s Guide recommends staying tuned to official Sony feeds. 

PS5 controller upgrades (and some bad news)

While PS5 price speculation heats up, another major rumor is making the rounds — the PS5 DualSense controller could identify users by touch. A new Sony patent outlines a mechanism that would allow a controller to detect a specific user based on the way they're holding it. That could be especially ideal for households sharing a PS5, as you'd be able to bypass having to log into your account and can get to your games even faster.

This week also gave us our first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which looks absolutely stunning on PS5. There is a catch, though: PS4 players who want to upgrade to the PS5 version will have to purchase a $70 "cross-gen bundle," or pay an extra $10 bucks on top of the $60 standard edition when it's time to make the switch.

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