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PS5 August event could reveal price and release date

(Image credit: Sony)

A group of leakers claim that a PS5 event in late August will reveal the device’s price and release date, as well as perform a complete hardware breakdown and reveal full backwards compatibility information. If this all sounds too good to be true, well, it might be. The “leakers” who shared the information have a long history of not being accurate about these things.

Musings about the PS5 August event come from Tidux and Roberto Serrano, two prominent PS5 pundits on Twitter, each of whom has guessed something correctly about the PS5 at some point in the past. Tidux gained notoriety for pointing out the DualSense’s full suite of features, while Serrano correctly guessed the date of Sony’s June PS5 event.

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To sum up their assertions, Tidux claims that Sony wants to stage a big event in either late August or early September, although the company initially wanted to share information in early August. The purported event will include a hardware teardown, backwards compatibility info, more exclusive game reveals and, finally, the PS5’s release date and price.

(The promise of a hardware breakdown in particular is an odd one, since Sony already did that back in March. If there was a part of the PS5 left untouched during Mark Cerny’s extensive lecture, I can’t think of it.)

Serrano’s claim is more modest, but more exact. Using a Photoshopped image from the “Future of Gaming” event back in June, Serrano claims that “what PlayStation fans are waiting for” will take place on August 20 at 1 PM PT. There’s no information beyond that at the moment, although he promises that more is coming.

While it’s not impossible that Sony could share more information about the PS5 this month, there’s absolutely no reason to think that either “leaker” has the right of it. Without going into an exhaustive history of either party, Tidux’s big DualSense “reveal” was based on publicly available patent information that had been available for months, while Serrano has invented price and pre-order information out of whole cloth, notably promising that Sony was ready to launch PS5 pre-orders on July 13. (Nothing important happened on July 13.)

Granted, Sony has very much adopted its own schedule when it comes to PS5 reveals, and we could get a surprise announcement about PS5 pricing and release date tomorrow. We could get an out-of-nowhere event at the end of the month. We could get a highly publicized and choreographed event next month — or the price and release date could be a totally mystery until the consoles start showing up in stores a month before Christmas. 

The point is that Sony hasn’t shared any of this information, and there’s no reason to think that two Twitter personalities who have made up information for attention before have some kind of special insight this time.

As always, if you want reliable information on Sony events, the best thing you can do is follow the official PlayStation account on Twitter, which has been very good about revealing information as soon as Sony announces it, from the full breakdown on the DualSense to each new State of Play livestream. Tom’s Guide will be covering all of the big PS5 announcements as they happen, so be sure to keep coming back for the latest.

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