Nectar adds extra depth and cooling features to its award-winning mattress

Nectar Memory Foam mattress
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Leading mattress brand Nectar has announced a number of small updates to its award-winning memory foam mattress that are designed to boost performance. According to the company, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress - which we think is the best mattress in the US - is now cooler than the previous version and offers increased stability. 

So what's new? Well, visibly the biggest changes are that the depth has increased from 11 to 12 inches; and the Tencel cover has been replaced with a new cooling cover made from polyethylene. This is a soft, breathable fabric that's good at wicking away heat, and well-known for providing a cooling sensation when you touch it. 

In addition, the width of the Twin and Twin XL models has been reduced by an inch, from 38 to 37-inches. This drops the weight of these sizes by around 5lbs compared to the previous version of the mattress. 

The gain in height for the updated Nectar Memory Foam mattress comes via an extra inch of PU memory foam added to the base layer of the mattress. This provides even more support for the layers above. It also pushes the mattress right to the top of the depth range that's usually advised for mattresses (10-12-inches), and means extra value packed into that already very competitive price tag. Plus, it makes the mattress slightly better suited to heavier users as well. 

Excellent value

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is rated number one in our guide to the best mattresses, and it’s also our best memory foam mattress and best mattress in a box as well. It offers huge value, coming in well under competitors’ price points while still offering a supportive sleep, temperature control and pressure relief. 

We're in the process of testing the new version and updating our Nectar mattress review, but on paper these small changes look unlikely to drastically change our verdict - we expect the mattress to be slightly enhanced and even better value.  

If you’re looking to buy a new mattress, the best time for a discount is generally in May via a Memorial Day mattress sale, or later in the year with a Black Friday mattress deal. However, Nectar's been running its best-ever sale for a year now and we would be surprised to see the current Nectar mattress deals get any better (the current discount is the same we saw on Black Friday last year). It's also worth checking our Nectar promo codes page for the latest offers. 

Nectar Memory Foam mattress:from $798 $499 + $399 of free gifts at Nectar
Save up to $800

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: from $798 $499 + $399 of free gifts at Nectar
Save up to $800
- The original medium-firm Nectar Memory Foam Mattress aced our review tests. It's exceptionally comfortable and supportive, and not too hot at night. It also comes with a huge 365-night trial and a forever guarantee. Right now, there's up to a $400 discount - plus and you'll get $399-worth of luxury sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector added to your order free.

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