My favorite new show is coming to Peacock — get ready for The Traitors

A screenshot from The Traitors on Peacock
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Like many Brits, I’ve spent the last month utterly obsessed with The Traitors. So naturally I was thrilled to hear that a U.S. version of the reality game show is set to premiere on Peacock on Thursday, January 12. 

In case the tidal wave of interest on this side of the pond hasn’t quite reached stateside, The Traitors is a competition series that originated in the Netherlands. Its almost instant popularity there quickly saw various regional versions spring up across the globe and it’s the turn of the U.S. next with all 10 episodes of the show's first season dropping on Peacock next week.  

The premise of The Traitors is fairly straightforward: 20 contestants are thrown together to complete a range of intense challenges in order to build up a cash prize. It all sounds fairly straightforward on the surface. But the twist is that some of the contestants are actually “traitors” and will be working behind the scenes to steal the prize from the other contestants, who are known as “faithfuls.” 

Adding drama to the mix is the fact the Traitors are given the opportunity to eliminate contestants from the shadows. But the faithfuls can strike back by voting out the players they suspect are traitors — of course, they might accidentally cast out a fellow faithful instead.

The U.K. version was a gripping thrill ride of unexpected twists and psychological mind games. And it’s already created some iconic reality TV moments that are still being shared across social media weeks after the finale aired. The U.S. version of The Traitors seems poised to do the same. 

Plus, The Traitors on Peacock will incorporate reality A-listers from shows such as Big Brother, the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Survivor. Even better, the show is hosted by the delightfully witty Alan Cumming. Between the proven format and the experienced cast, it all looks like a recipe for reality TV mayhem — and that’s exactly what we all need to dispel the January blues. 

The full list of what to watch in January 2023 is pretty impressive with new shows hitting Netflix, HBO Max and Disney Plus, but make sure you make some time for The Traitors on Peacock. If this U.S. version can measure up to the international ones that have come before it, it’s likely to be one unmissable season of reality television. 

Rory Mellon
Entertainment Editor (UK)

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