Huge 4K streaming deal: Roku Premiere is just $25 right now

Roku Premiere 4K deal
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The Roku range contains some of our favorite streaming devices. Giving you access to just about every streaming service under the sun, Roku devices are a great way of accessing the content you care about without hassle. 

Right now you can get a Roku Premiere for $25 at Amazon. That’s a very decent savings compared to its usual price of $35.  

Roku Premiere: was $35 now $25 @ Amazon

Roku Premiere: was $35 now $25 @ Amazon
Roku Premiere offers 4K streaming at a bargain price. This deal at Amazon takes a healthy $10 off one of our favorite streaming devices around, making it even more essential. Whether it's your first or fourth Roku device, it's a great pickup.

Whether you’re looking to pick up an extra device for the kid’s room, spare bedroom, or the den, or this would be your first Roku for the main lounge, now is the ideal time to be in the market for a high-quality streaming device. 

Most impressively the Roku Premiere supports 4K streaming, which is nothing to sniff at considering that many competing boxes that support UHD quality will run you up to $200. This is easily one of the most affordable ways to get access to 4K content.  

The bargain price does mean you’ll have to make a few compromises, such as the slightly bizarre design and the remote lacking voice search functionality, but for $25 these are sacrifices that are very easy to make. 

In our Roku Premiere review, we praised the Roku Premiere in particular for its excellent 4K performance, the easy-to-navigate interface, and the fact it’ll give you access to basically every streaming app you can name. 

If you want to see how the Roku Premiere stacks up against other Roku devices, then have a look at our rundown of the best Roku devices, and if you’re wondering what streaming platforms are worth subscribing to we have a roundup of the best streaming services as well. 

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