How to watch Groundhog Day online

Bill Murray and Stephen Tobolowsky in Groundhog Day
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The beginning of February is here, which means only one thing: It's time to watch Groundhog Day online. The classic comedy stars Bill Murray as cranky weatherman Phil Connors, who becomes trapped in a time loop in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, while covering the town's Groundhog Day event.

Groundhog Day takes place every year on February 2 and is based on an Pennsylvania Dutch superstition. As the tradition goes, if the titular rodent emerges from its den and sees it shadow, winter will continue for six more weeks. If it doesn't see its shadow, spring will arrive early.

Punxsutawney's Groundhog Day event, featuring Punxsutawney Phil, has become one of the most famous celebrations.

In the movie, weatherman Phil is forced to relive February 2 over and over again until he figures out how to escape the time loop. In the meantime, he starts living dangerously and tries to seduce producer Rita Hanson (Andie MacDowell). 

The film has become an all-time classic and ubiquitous pop culture reference. Its influence can be seen in subsequent screen offerings like Palm Springs, Edge of Tomorrow and Russian Doll.

Here's everything you need to watch Groundhog Day online.

How to watch Groundhog Day anywhere, with a VPN

Just because Starz isn't available everywhere doesn't mean you need to miss Groundhog Day if you're away from home. Watching along with the rest of the internet can be pretty easy. With the right VPN (virtual private network), you can stream the show from wherever you go.

We've evaluated many options, and the best VPN is ExpressVPN (opens in new tab). It meets the VPN needs of the vast majority of users, offering outstanding compatibility with most devices and impressive connection speeds. It's also affordable at $12.95 per month. (Signing up for longer periods of six months or a year reduces the cost even more.)

ExpressVPN (opens in new tab)

Our favorite VPN service, ExpressVPN (opens in new tab), really shines thanks to its safety, speed and simplicity-to-use. It's also compatible with loads of devices - from iOS and Android to Roku, Apple TV and PlayStations. You'll even get an extra 3 months free if you sign up for a year, or there's a 30-day money-back guarantee if you just want to give it a try.

How to watch Groundhog Day in the US

In the U.S., Groundhog Day is streaming on Starz (opens in new tab). The premium network can be added onto most cable packages.

If you've already cut the cord, you can access Starz through several live TV streaming services, including Sling TV and Fubo TV. They are two of the best streaming services and great cable TV alternatives.  

Sling TV (opens in new tab)

Sling TV (opens in new tab) is one of the most affordable cable TV alternatives on the market. Right now, you can check out Sling and Starz with a three-day free trial. (opens in new tab) After that, get Sling Orange or Blue for $35 and add Starz for $9.

Fubo.TV (opens in new tab)

Fubo.TV (opens in new tab) is a great live TV service. With the Starter Plan ($65 per month), you get over 120 channels, including all the local broadcast networks and top cable brands. Add on Starz  for $9.

How to watch Groundhog Day in the UK

Good news for Brits! Groundhog Day is currently airing on Sky Cinema, which you can get with a Sky TV package (opens in new tab) (starting at just £25 per month). The movie is also streaming on the NOW service.

Travelers who are in the UK can access the services they already pay for with the help of ExpressVPN (opens in new tab).

How to watch Groundhog Day in Canada

Canadians can enter the time loop and watch Groundhog Day via Crave (opens in new tab)

Crave has a 7-day free trial (opens in new tab), so you can check out all that it has to offer. 

If you're an American or Brit traveling abroad and want to use the services you already pay for, you will need ExpressVPN (opens in new tab).

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