How Kandao's cameras are the perfect hardware for hybrid work

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Even when the coronavirus pandemic is over, there's no going back to the way things were.

By the end of the year, the number of full-time telecommuters is expected to double. In 2020, the percentage of remote workers increased from 20% to 71%. And 90% of businesses plan to combine onsite and remote work post-pandemic

By now, you're no doubt familiar with some of the collaboration tools available to your organization. You've probably even had your fair share of Zoom, Teams, or Webex meetings. In the process, there's something you may have noticed. 

Namely, that for many of your employees — in-office and remote alike — the video-conferencing experience leaves a lot to be desired. 

Choppy, distorted audio. Low-quality, blurry video. Hybrid conferences where it's never entirely clear who's talking. 

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Upgrading your conference software and bandwidth can only go so far in addressing these issues. The reality is that If you want to truly redefine videoconferences to support a hybrid workplace, you need better hardware. Better cameras. 

You need Kandao's conference cameras. 

Traditionally, the camera in a conference room is positioned somewhere on the periphery, often in the corner. This 'birds eye view' setup is far from ideal, making things significantly more difficult for remote participants. Even conference cameras that have a focus and zoom feature offer spotty functionality in that arena at best, often leaving the audience dizzy as it spins through the room trying to determine who's talking. 

Kandao not only addresses the problems above, but also provides a comfortable conferencing experience in the process. Its cameras host an advanced, built-in algorithm that allows them to automatically focus on the active speaker, and support multiple conference modes. More importantly, through accurate beamforming, noise reduction, and echo cancellation, Kandao offers unbeatable audio quality, coupled with the ability to record meetings to an SSD card. 

Kandao offers three core products depending on your needs.

Videoconferencing, Fully Redefined: Kandao Meeting Pro 

Kandao Meeting Pro

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Kandao's flagship product, Meeting Pro is among the most powerful video conferencing solutions on the market, and has received all four industrial design awards — Reddot, iF, IDEA, and Good Design.  

Equipped with two 220-degree lenses, eight professional microphones, and eight multidirectional Hi-Fi speakers, Meeting Pro fills your conference room with premium, crystal-clear sound, allowing everyone to participate in the conversation in real-time. Designed for small to medium-sized conference rooms, Meeting Pro has an audio range of 5.5 meters, and can be used in both standalone mode and USB mode. Additional features include view lock, zoom, and a built-in Android OS to support direct installation of conferencing software. 

All Meeting Pro units also ship with a remote control, allowing for convenient, efficient meeting management. 

Support Hybrid Conferences: Kandao Meeting 

With a 360-degree field of view, intelligent tracking and auto focus, and the ability to install as a hidden pop-up camera system, Kandao Meeting is a powerful alternative for businesses who don't need all the advanced functionality of Meeting Pro. With support for 8K video and an omnidirectional audio system, it can keep your participants just as readily immersed. Like the Meeting Pro, Kandao Meeting has a voice capture range of 5.5 meters, and is intended for small and mid-sized conference rooms.  

Anytime, Anywhere: Kandao Meeting S 

In an era of hybrid work, meetings don't always happen around a conference table, and they're not always planned in advance. The Meeting S was developed with this in mind. Featuring a 180-degree ultra wide view, a full duplex audio system, a camera cover for privacy, and one-button audio controls, this standalone device can turn any small room into a conference hall. It also runs an upgraded version of Kandao's algorithm, Meeting AI 3.0, which runs both smarter and faster than its predecessors. 

As an added bonus, it's also one of the most interesting looking conference cameras you'll ever lay eyes on, and its elegant design is reminiscent of an astronaut. 

The Kandao Meeting S has a voice pickup radius of 5 meters. 

Embrace the Future of Meetings with Kandao 

Meetings have been forever changed by the pandemic. As a business owner, it's your responsibility to ensure that all your employees can remain connected, both within the meeting room and without. Kandao is the perfect option to help you accomplish exactly that, providing the best hybrid meeting experience imaginable. 

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