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GTRacing’s gaming chairs - Get comfortable and functional

(Image credit: GTRacing)

Some people might think a seat is a seat, but if you’ve spent enough hours sitting on a wooden dining chair, you know otherwise. A good chair can do a lot more than offering a simple place to sit and rest your legs. And, GTRacing has some gaming chairs that go above and beyond for comfort and functionality.

(Image credit: GTRacing)

A basic chair will give you space to sit and a backrest to support you if you’re leaning back, but GTRacing’s popular gaming chairs go much further. Chairs in GTRacing’s Pro Series and Music Series offer long backrests that support your full back, neck, and head. The company’s Pro Series GT099 and Music Series GT890 chairs stand out for even more than that.

These gaming chairs include deep-reclining backs that will let you get extra comfortable and really relax while you’re gaming. When you’re spending hours grinding in a game, the last thing you want to do is spend those hours in discomfort. These chairs will let you kick back and do your thing.

You’ll also be getting ample support, as these chairs offer up adjustable pillows for your lumbar and neck. It’s not just your core that’s getting adjustable support either. The GT099 and GT890 chairs include adjustable armrests. This will let you get a correct position for your arms so they aren’t angling up or down to reach your keyboard and mouse. 

If you often spend back-to-back hours gaming, finding a comfortable, supported position is an important practice, as it can help reduce physical strain. GTRacing’s chairs can help with just that, and they do so affordably. That may be part of what has enabled the GT099 to land Amazon’s top spot on its Best Sellers list of gaming chairs while models of the GT890 snag eighth and ninth.

(Image credit: GTRacing)

The Music Series GT890 chairs take most of the same functionality of the GT099 to another level. Beyond just the seat, they actually add in Bluetooth speakers. These speakers sit behind the shoulder-section of the chair. You can sync them up with your computer, phone, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. So, if you’re looking to put a little musical soundtrack in the background while you’re gaming, the GT890 series is ready for it. The GT890MF even adds in a leg-rest to let you really lounge while you’re gaming or jamming out to tunes.

These chairs are built tough, with a solid frame constructed from steel, and GTRacing stands behind its products with a one-year warranty and quick customer service.

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GTRacing Pro Series GT099

Sit back and get comfortable in the GT099 gaming chair, which features a solid frame, reclining, and adjustable support.

$149.99 on Amazon & free shipping

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GTRacing Music Series GT890MF

Kick back and enjoy some music with the GTRacing GT890MF and its built-in Bluetooth speakers.

$183.99 on Amazon & free shipping

You can see all of these chairs in Amazon’s Best Sellers list (opens in new tab), and you can find even more at GTRacing’s website (opens in new tab).