Get two months for the price of one with this short-term VPN deal from VyprVPN

VyprVPN VPN deals
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It's no secret that the cheapest VPN deals are long, multi-year plans that get you to pay a hefty lump sum up front and then leave you to it. However, many users don't want to commit three years to even the best VPN, and would much prefer a cheap monthly VPN so they can cancel whenever they want and not lose money.

Well, VyprVPN is offering just that at a bargain price. Usually $12.95 for a single month, the highly-regarded Swiss VPN provider is currently throwing in an extra month free, knocking that down to a very reasonable $6.47 a month

If you do want to commit, VyprVPN also offers one of the cheapest three-year plans on the market at a minuscule $1.67 a month – that works out at just $60 all-in. So, if you're willing to miss out on a couple of usability features you get with the most premium providers, VyprVPN offers some serious bargains.

The best bit? No matter which plan you choose, prices don't rise after your first term, so you'll keep paying that knock-down price for as long as you want until you cancel. Find out more below.

VyprVPN deal – get two months for the price of one

VyprVPN deal – get two months for the price of one
With 30 simultaneous connections, excellent security and apps for just about every device, this VyprVPN is perfect for those who want financial flexibility and online peace of mind. At just $6.47 a month (or $1.67 a month on a longer plan), it's excellent value.

Why is this VyprVPN deal so good?

Although it’s priced like a throwaway app, VyprVPN delivers very well on the privacy side of things – and one thing it has over all the competition is its proprietary Chameleon protocol. Chameleon can evade deep packet inspection and is why Vypr performs so well in restrictive regimes like China and the UAE, and it also helps it deliver excellent streaming VPN performance.

Its VyprDNS system also offers further protection from malicious, snooping third parties and operates exclusively on the VyprVPN network. Keeping everything under one roof is a sure-fire way of ensuring privacy. Plus, the provider also has apps for tons of different devices, including routers, TVs, and niche devices such as Blackphone and Anonabox.

If you’re after our top-rated VPN, we’d always recommend ExpressVPN. With more intuitive apps and a massive 3,000+ servers compared to Vypr’s 700+, it’s a package that can’t be beaten in terms of performance – but at $6.67 a month on a year-long plan, it’s considerably more expensive like-for-like, and only offers five simultaneous connections.

Surfshark offers an cheap alternative at just $2.49 a month, and while it delivers unlimited simultaneous connections, it's a little more expensive and it’s not independently audited.

So, if you’re after a super secure VPN for a truly unbeatable price, VyprVPN really is your best option – plus you'll have a 30-day trial to make sure you like the service.

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