PS5 restock — this is the biggest rip-off bundle yet

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PS5 restocks are still a complete disaster. And with the news that Sony is expecting PS5 supply issues to remain until 2022, it doesn’t look like the situation is going to improve much in the coming months. 

Unfortunately, the limited PS5 restocks available are being spoiled by scalpers and resellers looking to make a quick buck off gamers desperate for Sony’s newest gaming machine. While we’ve seen some pretty reasonably priced bundles from the likes of GameStop and Antonline, Sears has gone straight into scam territory with a bundle retailing for an eye-watering $1,149. 

Before we break down exactly what makes this bundle such a horrifically bad deal, it’s important to note that the package isn’t being sold directly by Sears. As spotted by TechRadar, it’s offered by a reseller named Entrotrek through Sears Marketplace, but nevertheless, shame on the retailer for allowing its platform to be used in an immoral attempt to swindle hundreds of dollars from a desperate customer.  

PS5 bundle at Sears

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PS5: The Real Cost
ItemRetail price
PS5 console$499
Madden NFL 21 PS4 game$23.96 (@ Amazon)
GameFitz 10 in 1 PS5 Accessories Kit$35 (@ Target)

The total value of the bundle is actually just $557.96, which means the seller is asking you to overpay by nearly $600. For the price of this bundle, you could buy two PS5 consoles at another retailer, and you’d still have enough money left over to grab a couple of the best PS5 games as well. 

Even the included items in the bundle are questionable. You’re getting a PS4 copy of Madden NFL 21, but at least you can upgrade to the PS5 edition for free, and several off-brand accessories. Sure you get a headset, controller charging dock, and thumb grips, but none of them are the official Sony-produced PS5 accessories. For the price, you’d expect at least a Pulse 3D headset

The seller also has the cheek to suggest that you’re getting a deal here by claiming that the bundle’s regular price is $1,499 so you’re actually saving $350. Nothing could be further from the truth, there is no saving to be found with this rip-off package. The listing has also been padded out with the HDMI cable and power supply being included as items in the bundle, you know the stuff that comes with the console as standard. 

It’s now been six months since the PS5 launched and demand is still far outstripping supply, so it makes sense that some gamers are starting to become desperate. However bookmark our PS5 restock guide and we’ll inform you the next time a major retailer has a drop, allowing you to get a console at a fair price and avoid paying a ridiculous markup to an unscrupulous reseller. 

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