Breville Precision Brewer at lowest price of the year in latest coffee maker deals

Breville Precision Brewer coffee maker deal
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The Breville Precision Brewer is one of the best coffee maker options on the market, but over the course of the last year its price has remained pretty steady at $266. However, Best Buy and Amazon’s recent coffee maker deals have the highly customizable brewer for just $223.95 - the lowest price we’ve seen in a long time. 

While the Precision Brewer has previously seen record lows of $173, we haven’t seen a cost like that since 2019 and with the global pandemic keeping at-home coffee maker prices fairly high it’s been a while since this machine saw such a healthy discount. The cheapest we’ve seen this machine in 2021 was $230 back in April, so if you missed out on previous coffee maker deals you’re getting an extra $6 off today.

If you’re looking for a far more technical approach to your morning brew, the Breville Precision model offers a wealth of settings to tinker and experiment with. From bloom time presets to custom brew strength and temperature options, there’s a lot to consider here - though a Gold Cup standard default always produced a great cup in our testing.


Breville Precision Brewer: $266.95 $223.95 at Amazon
Save $43 - Those looking for a little more control over how their morning coffee is made will love the Breville Precision Brewer. While we’ve seen lower prices in the past, this particular model has been stubborn at $266 over the last year, which means this is the best price of 2021 so far. This deal is also available at Best Buy for the same price.  

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$223 is still a fairly high price if you’re just looking for a budget brewer. Many of the best models on the market right now do come below this cost, like the Ninja Specialty, Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, and the Braun Brew Sense. You’ll find all the web’s lowest prices on these models just below.

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