Apple Event tipped for April 6 — but this leak is probably fake

Apple Event
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We're still waiting for confirmation on when a possible Apple April event could be held. A recent leak that claims to have spilled a date of April 6, but that seems far-fetched for a couple of different reasons. 

The leaked image from the r/Apple Discord says that Apple will be launching a new mini-LED iPad Pro 2021, a new iMac 2021 with a new design and Apple Silicon and "refreshes" of the regular iPad and iPad mini. Plus, we should expect the long-awaited arrival of the AirTags trackers.

All of these new Apple products could very well be on the way soon, but the date of the virtual event and the leaked image itself do not seem legit. 

The leaked invite’s use of “where to find us”, along with the circular graphics that look very similar to leaked AirTags designs, signal the AirTags presence at the April event.

However, people on Twitter have expressed doubts, particularly since it claims the event will happen at '10am PST'. As some have pointed out, California is currently on PDT, and Apple would have known that.

In addition, if the April 6 date were legit, we likely would have heard something by now, as Apple typically provides a week's notice for its virtual events. 

The Apple April event is set to see the launch of a new mini-LED iPad Pro, a new iMac 2021 with a new design and Apple Silicon and, according to the leak "refreshes" of the regular iPad and iPad mini.

For those that don’t know, AirTags are Apple’s answer to Tile and other tracking gadgets. The key difference, however, is that Apple will be utilizing ultra wideband (UWB) technology, instead of Bluetooth. That way the AirTags are able to transmit locational data, and give users a more precise location of where their lost property might be.

Rumors have also indicated that AirTags will be around the size of a 50 cent coin, and can attach to your stuff with some kind of adhesive. Naturally, a different leak suggests Apple will have a number of compatible AirTags accessories, letting you use the trackers as keyrings, wearables, or some other kind of not-sticky accessory. 

The AirTags are rumored to be priced at $39 each, the same as the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Plus, but we’ll have to wait and see if that is true or not.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the date or time of the April event yet, and we won't know what's going on until it does. But if it really is happening soon, we should be hearing anytime now. 

Tom Pritchard
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