Hidden iPhone 11 Upgrade Will Make AirDrop Better

(Image credit: Apple)

AirDrop was already a great way to share photos and files between Apple devices, but the company just made it better with the release of the iPhone 11 line of devices. Inside the new smartphones is an Apple-designed UI chip that supports Ultra Wideband technology for spatial awareness.

Ultra Wideband connections pack a strong connection with low power consumption, meaning its introduction to the iPhone won't hinder those impressive battery life projections. Rather, it'll support spatial recognition with efficiency and help the new devices have a more intuitive sense of its surroundings.

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Now with U1 chip, you can hone your iPhone in your intended AirDrop target by pointing your device towards the recipient's. AirDrop will prioritize your target, speeding up the AirDrop process. This could prove useful in crowded places with many Apple devices present. 

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple didn't announce the AirDrop improvement at its September 10th event, but we found information about the U1 chip on the iPhone 11 information page. We see a refreshed interface for AirDrop that prioritizes the intended recipient.

The same technology could be used to power Apple's rumored Apple Tag, which is poised to compete with Tile lost item trackers. Apple hasn't announced Apple Tag yet, but the "And that's just the beginning," cliffnote in the copy above makes us think the U1 chip might support it, too. 

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