Act fast: Get an $25 Xbox Gift Card for just $20 before Cyber Monday

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Early Cyber Monday deals are starting to trickle in, but you’ll be able to find discounts on most gear today or tomorrow. That’s not the case with Target’s latest deal on Xbox Gift Cards, which is in effect for today only. If you want this one, buy it now; you may not get another chance for a while.

You can currently get a $25 Xbox Gift Card for $20 at Target, which is as close to a “money for nothing” as you can find. You get $25 worth of Xbox credit for $20, which saves you $5 on everything from games, to movies, to TV shows, to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Frankly, if you ever buy digital Xbox games, it’s worth picking up a few of these, since they never expire.

Xbox Gift Card: was $25 now $20 @ Target

Xbox Gift Card: was $25 now $20 @ Target
You can currently get a $25 Xbox Gift Card for $20 at Target. If you plan to buy games, media or subscriptions through the Xbox store, then you’re essentially getting $5 for free. There’s no limit to how many cards you can buy, so you can stock up if you want extra savings.

An Xbox Gift Card is just what it sounds like. You’re essentially buying credit for the Xbox Store. There, you can purchase video games and their associated downloadable content. But you can also rent or buy movies and TV. Furthermore, the credit will let you subscribe to Xbox Live, which lets you play online, or Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to a full library of streaming or downloadable games.

Xbox Gift Cards never expire, so if you plan to buy an Xbox game sometime between now and the heat death of the universe, this deal will save you some money on it. Furthermore, Target has not put a limit on the number of cards you can buy. This means you can get $25 worth of credit for $20, or $100 worth of credit for $80 — or even more, if you have an especially big purchase in mind.

One final advantage to this deal is that you can transfer codes after you receive them. That means you can buy Xbox Gift Cards for your friends and family. It’s not a fancy gift by any means, but it will let them get exactly what they want. You’ll have to decide today, though, as the deal will disappear after midnight.

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