My favorite phone accessory is just $7 right now for Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is the perfect time to save money on a brand new smartphone, but there’s more to Cyber Monday phone deals than the devices themselves. It’s also a great time to pick up some accessories on the cheap — regardless of whether you’re buying a new phone or sticking with your old one. And my all-time favorite phone accessory is on sale right now.

You can pick up your phone with a brand new PopSocket at Amazon for just $7 right now. That’s 25% off the normal price, and a fantastic way to add some extra utility to your phone.

PopSockets Phone Grip: was $9 now $7 @ Amazon

PopSockets Phone Grip: was $9 now $7 @ Amazon
PopSockets are a great way to add extra utility to your phone, offering improved grip, improved one-handed phone use and a makeshift stand. Better still, the PopGrip itself can be removed and replaced if you ever feel like mixing things up.

A PopSocket is a very basic little thing, but that’s part of what I love about them so much. The idea is that this button-looking thing can live on the back of your phone out of the way, and has the ability to pop-up at a moment's notice — functioning as both a phone grip and stand in the process.

The gripping aspect in particular is quite useful for one-handed phone use, especially now that small phones are more or less extinct. It’s difficult to be able to reach all four corners of a screen when it’s over 6-inches across, particularly if you have to keep a tight grip on both sides. I’ve often found that slipping the PopSocket stand between two of your fingers frees up most of your hand and expands your reach in the process.

I find that having that extra bit of grip feels a lot more secure as well. I may still be a clutz and drop my phone from time to time, but I do wonder how often it would happen if I didn’t have that extra point of contact. Plus the stand function, while simple, means there’s always the option to prop up my phone in a variety of positions and keep an eye on whatever’s on screen.

Plus, unlike some of the cheaper options, this PopSocket model actually lets you pop out the grip and swap in a new one — without having to peel off the base and attach a new one. That means you’ve got more opportunities to mix things up, and change the way your phone looks.

Just remember that it might get in the way of your wireless charger or existing phone stands. So it helps if you stick a PopSocket to the back of a phone case that can be easily removed and replaced. Unless you have a recent iPhone, in which case there are MagSafe options to choose from.

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