The world’s fastest SSD is discounted for Amazon Big Spring Sale — and it’s an amazing piece of tech

Crucial T700 deal
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If you love the best PC games half as much as me, you’ve probably spent an unreasonable amount of cash upgrading your rig over the years. My ultimate desktop splurge? That probably came just last week when I bought one of the fastest SSDs on the planet that costs in the ballpark of the PS5 Slim. I didn’t regret the decision then, and I still don’t.   

Not that I could fully recommend a 4TB NVMe SSD in good conscience to most tech enthusiasts. With a normal list price of $499 — the Crucial T700 4TB Gen 5 NVME M.2 SSD is on sale at Amazon for $448 — making for a $51 saving over its normal list price that shouldn’t be sniffed at. C’mon now, though, this is still an incredibly expensive product with an almost obscene amount of storage.

That’s why I’m far more comfortable recommending the Crucial T700 1TB Gen 5 NVMe M.2 SSD that is on sale for $146 at Amazon. That’s a sweet $33 drop (compared to the normal list price of $179), in what I consider a damn good deal on a drive that’s capable of hitting read/writes speeds of 11,700MBps and 9,500MBps.

Crucial T700 1TB Gen5 M.2 SSD: was $179 now $146 @ Amazon

Crucial T700 1TB Gen5 M.2 SSD: was $179 now $146 @ Amazon
Crucial’s NVMe drive is in the running for the fastest SSD ever manufactured. This Gen5 NVMe drive is capable of reaching sequential read/write speeds of 11,700 and 9,500MBps respectively. When it comes to processing and transferring huge amounts of PC data, the Crucial T700 shines. 

For context, the hardly decrepit default SSD that comes housed inside the PS5 boasts read/writes speeds of 7,100MBps and 5,8000MBps. Just note, this version of the Crucial T700 doesn’t come with its own heatsink, so if you’re looking to use this amazing SSD in Sony’s console rather than one of the best gaming PCs that normally come with heatsinks to cover where your M.2 slots sit on your motherboard, you’re perhaps best going for the Crucial t700 1TB Gen 5 NVMe M.2 SSD with Heatsink that is on sale for $179 at Amazon ($24 down on its normal list price of $198).

The absurd levels of file transfer speeds the Crucial T700 is capable of is more suited to shifting colossal 4K files between drives at the moment, as there’s really no PC game out there at the moment, (let alone the best PS5 games), that can’t translate the astonishing read times of the Crucial T700 into further slicing the already “blink and you’ll miss it load times” seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

What these astounding speed SSD give you in the here and now is best in class performance that future-proofs future gaming-focusing devices. 

PS5 may not be able to take advantage of the T700’s Road Runner read/write speeds, but with talk of the rumoured PS5 Pro being a monster 8K gaming console that cold boost the current PS5’s system memory performance by 28%, owning the fastest SSD around may not be such a bad idea with Sony’s heavily talked about machine quite possibly launching as early as September.

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