This Spintel NBN 250 deal is so nice, we're recommending it twice

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The 'superfast' 250Mbps tier isn't usually the go-to internet plan for most homes or businesses in Australia, mainly due to its higher monthly costs. But with most residences having at least 22 online-connected devices, and NBN Co predicting that number will reach 40 by 2030, there's no denying that Aussies have a real and growing need for fast internet speeds. 

If you have the right NBN connection type to support 250Mbps (that’s an FTTP or HFC connection), we've noticed a significant drop in the prices of NBN 250 plans, which now sometimes rival NBN 100 prices — as is the case with this Spintel plan. 

Right now, the telco is offering its NBN Unlimited 250 plan at an incredible introductory price of just AU$75p/m for the first six months. It then goes up to AU$85.95 – which is still amazingly affordable.

While we previously highlighted this deal in February we had in all honesty expected it to have expired by now – NBN discounts this good can be quite ephemeral. After checking in again, we’ve noticed one particularly important detail — there’s currently no end date on this offer. 

While that means it could hang around for another few months or more, there’s no guarantee of that, so if you want to take advantage there's no time like the present to switch and save. Or if you're thinking about upgrading your FTTN connection through the free fibre rollout, and trying out a higher speed tier, this Spintel 250Mbps plan could offer you a dip into the superfast lane.

Not only is the discounted rate an all-time low for NBN 250 plans (saving you AU$352.94 a year vs the average for this speed), you'll even save an impressive AU$124.50 over the first year compared to an average NBN 100 plan. What a win. 

Spintel | NBN 250 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$75p/m

Spintel | NBN 250 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$75p/m (for six months, then AU$85.95p/m)

Advertising 211Mbps download speeds during typical evening hours, this Spintel deal slashes AU$10.95 off a month for the first six months — a saving of AU$65.70 — before the price increases to a still-competitive AU$85.95p/m. The ISP has mostly positive reviews online, with customers praising the easy set-up and friendly customer service. 

Do note, though, that as with all NBN 250 plans, this one’s only available at addresses with FTTP and HFC connections. 

Total minimum cost: AU$75 | Total cost of first 12 months: AU$965.70 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$1,031.40

Now that the cost is out of the way, let's talk speed. Although Spintel doesn't reach the theoretical maximum speeds of 250Mbps that NBN 250 plans can reach, only four ISPs currently do make this claim (AGL, Swoop, Southern Phone and Telstra) with most providers advertising speeds between 200Mbps and 245Mbps.

Here at Tom's Guide, we usually recommend an NBN 250 plan with at least 230Mbps or more, but with the price of this Spintel plan being cheaper than most NBN 100 plans and offering twice the speed, you’re definitely getting great value. 

Do note that Spintel's offering doesn't come with a modem, but you can add a TP-Link router to your plan starting from AU$139.95 upfront. You can optionally add a mesh Wi-Fi extender onto that for an extra AU$99, for those that live in a larger home and need more wireless coverage. 

If you're looking to bundle your phone line, Spintel does offer an AU$0 add-on with pay-as-you-go calls, or AU$10 per month for unlimited national calls. Spintel also offers some quite compelling mobile bundles, with a 25GB AU$19p/m phone plan or a 50GB AU$25p/m phone plan. Both plans come with unlimited calls, capped texts (3000 standard numbers within AU) and an AU$3 monthly discount if you bundle with your broadband plan.

If you're not sure you need ‘superfast’ NBN 250 speeds, Spintel's other plans are also quite affordable – check out the full range: 

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