The Best Waterproof and Rugged Cameras

If you (or your kids) are prone to dropping things or if you like to venture out in extreme temperatures or dusty trails or sandy beaches, one of these rugged cameras might be for you. Rugged models are shockproof if you drop them, can operate in extreme temperatures and are sealed against dust, dirt and water.

But it's the waterproof capabilities that may be most helpful this summer as vacationers head to beaches, pools, boats and, for the more adventurous, under the waves to explore and photograph exotic flora and fauna.

While underwater housings are available for many cameras, there are a number of models that provide protection against the elements all on their own. These self-contained, amphibious cameras are easy to carry and take great photos in gentle environments, as well. But we've also included a small housed camera, with various mounting accessories for shooting POV (point of view) photo and video.

Here are your best waterproof camera options. 

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