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Widescreen Notebooks: More Than Just Expensive DVD Players?

Battery Life/De-charging Times, Continued

On the whole, battery life was rather disappointing. As we saw with the Gateway M460XLb, notebooks with a dedicated PCIe graphics chip can at best only make it through a (short) workday when using two batteries and drastically limiting the display brightness. Under full load in 3D operation, the systems consumed as much as 50 Watts of power, as revealed by our calculations based on battery capacity and battery lifetimes observed.

Inspiron 6000d
Battery capacity134 Wh (Office, game)/95Wh(DVD)71 Wh53 Wh
ApplicationPower consumptionPower consumptionPower consumption
DVD31.7 W27.3 W32.4 W
Office21.0 W20.1 W20.8 W
Game42.1 W50.7 W46.8 W

Notebooks with integrated graphics have a major advantage in the category of "battery life". For 3-D gaming and playing high-definition video, however, these machines are a little weak.