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Super Mario Run Lands on Android March 23

Super Mario Run isn't leaping its way across your Android device at the moment, but that's set to change soon. Mario's big $10 mobile debut is headed to the Google Play Store on March 23.

Nintendo confirmed the news in a tweet, noting that the game's Android version will launch with the latest version 2.0 update. You can head to the game's Play Store page to pre-register and be notified the moment it becomes available.

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Super Mario Run marks Nintendo's mobile debut. The game puts you in control of everybody's favorite plumber, as you jump to collect coins and avoid enemies and obstacles in the game's World Tour mode. Two other modes — Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder — let you compete against other players or create your very own Mushroom Kingdom, respectively.

The game has come under fire from some players who don't care for the fact that it requires an Internet connection or find the gameplay repetitive. Other players aren't fans of the game's $10 price tag. (You can download Super Mario Run for free and play a few levels before you have to pay up to unlock the full game — an approach that's going to continue on Android if you scroll down to the fine print on the game's Google Play page.) Still, my colleague Mike Andronico thinks that Super Mario Run is a terrific mobile game, with replayability, gorgeous-looking levels and a spirit that's true to the Mario franchise.

So if you're an Android gamer eagerly awaiting your chance to join your iPhone-toting counterparts in going mobile with Mario, head to Google Play and sign up for a notification about Super Mario Run's Android debut. At the very least, it will help you avoid any malware-ridden copycats popping up on Google Play.

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