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It's Official: The Next PlayStation Is Coming

And just like that, your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro has a definitive shelf life. According to Finanical Times, Sony is working on a new console.

Credit: Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images

(Image credit: Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images)

There's no word yet on whether this new system will be dubbed the PlayStation 5 or something more befitting a new next-generation console, but analysts are predicting that the new hardware could debut in 2021 or as soon as the 2019 holiday season.

Sony's president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware."

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It's a firm rebuttal to everyone who declared that the end of console gaming was nigh a few years ago. But with games as polished as Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War and Spider-Man, it's clear that game developers are hitting the limits of what the current system can do.

And that means it's time for better, more powerful specs, which means sooner than later you'll be looking at your beloved PS4 collecting dust as a treasured memory in the shadow of this nascent system.

And while there are no details on what kind of hardware this new console will bring, I'm hoping that this will be the system that introduces more modularity into console gaming. Something a little bit beyond swapping out the hard drive. And in terms of the PlayStation VR, I'd want something that allows some room-scale functionality. It also be nice if Sony started out of the gate with cross-platform functionality.

So while we wait for new details for this upcoming system, what features would you like to see in Sony's next console?

  • Speezbort
    Even before the launch of a new system, the next one is already in development.
  • devilwearsprada
    wow, "hail to the king" and here i thought the console wars were over looks like sony just upped the ante...this just made into must buy list