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Sling TV Finally Expands DVR to Roku, Android

More Sling TV customers will be able to add the streaming service's new DVR feature — if they've got a supported device and they're willing to tack on $5 a month to their subscription rate.

Sling TV said today (April 10) that its Cloud DVR service is now available to anyone with a Roku or Android device. Previously, the service had been launched as a beta last year to select customers with Roku devices before Sling TV extended it to Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablet owners last month.

Sling TV's Cloud DVR gives subscribers 50 hours of cloud storage for their favorite programs, allowing them to record shows to watch later on supported devices. Sling TV's service lets you record multiple shows simultaneously, and your recordings don't expire. If you run out of storage space, Sling TV deletes the oldest programs you've recorded first to make room.

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Today's announcement extends the Cloud DVR option to Sling TV users with a Roku streaming player, Roku TV, Android TV or Android mobile device. Cloud DVR costs an extra $5 a month on top of your regular Sling Orange, Sling Blue or Orange + Blue package. To add the service, you log into your Sling TV account and select Add Cloud DVR.

DVR capabilities have increasingly become a way for streaming TV services to stand out from the competition. Sling TV trails PlayStation Vue, which offers an extensive DVR feature, though recordings expire after a month. The newly launched YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage space, with recordings available for up to nine months. DirecTV Now still has no DVR capability.

There are some limits to Sling TV's Cloud DVR. You're unable to record programs on Disney-owned channels, including ABC and ESPN. Fox's local networks, Fox Sports 1, Nat Geo and FX are also unavailable for Cloud DVR purposes.

Sling TV plans to extend Cloud DVR to other platforms with Apple TV next on the streaming services to-do list.

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