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This Could Be the Nintendo Switch Mini's Final Design

Nintendo has been rumored for quite some time to be working on a budget-friendly Nintendo Switch Mini. And if a new leak is accurate, we might just be feasting our eyes on it right now.

Credit: Honson

(Image credit: Honson)

A China-based gaming accessories company called Honson has posted images of what are claimed to be the upcoming Nintendo Switch Mini. Nintendo hasn't confirmed the console even exists, of course, and so we should take this with the proverbial grain of salt.

The console in the renderings doesn't look very legit, and there's a separate black render from Honson that looks completely different from the gray ones it mocked up. Ars Technica earlier discovered the leak.

When you evaluate the pictures, the first thing you'll notice is how different the Nintendo Switch Mini is to the Nintendo Switch. The Joy-Con controllers that you can attach to the side of the Nintendo Switch are missing in the Nintendo Switch Mini pictures. Instead, Nintendo has apparently opted for a single unit with the controls built in that are also unable to be removed. It's an interesting development and one that could make the Nintendo Switch Mini feel more like a standard handheld akin to the Nintendo 3DS than a smaller version of the Switch.

Aside from that, it appears Nintendo has opted for a gray finish in the device, though other colors are likely. And it's tough to say from the pictures just how big the screen is on the Nintendo Switch Mini. It's hard to tell whether the Nintendo Switch Mini will have docking capabilities, but considering that's the core feature in the Nintendo Switch, it would make sense if it does.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we should note that Honson might not be working off the same script as Nintendo and what you see above is a guess at what the company has planned when the Nintendo Switch Mini launches. That is, if it ever launches. There's also talk of Nintendo unveiling a new console, which could be known as the Nintendo Switch 2, and that might be the company's focus instead of a miniature version of its popular console.

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