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Laptop Case Transforms Into Workstation

Designed by brothers Nick and Beau Trincia, NICK+BEAU, the Openaire laptop case is a perfect blend of style, comfort and functionality. Unlike most laptop cases, the Openaire doubles as a fully equipped work surface complete with a lightweight folding chair that allows you to do your work just about anywhere. Whether you feel like sitting in the middle of the park, or bumming it in your bed the Openaire provides users with great freedom and mobility by bringing the char and desk to them.

The Openaire combines a sturdy protective sleeve and shell to keep your laptop safe while in it's messenger bag style carrying case. In the workstation mode, the protective sleeve becomes a durable ergonomic work surface and the protective shell turns into a comfortable seat. In addition to providing a surface to work on, the Openaire's ergonomic profile gives the case additional space for other accessories such as mice or portable hard drives.

For users that don't want to use the seat, it can be detached from the case and left at home to make the case smaller and lighter. To see other work from NICK+BEAU head on over to Nick Trincia's site here.