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Here's Your First Look at HTC's Ridiculous Blockchain Phone

HTC's foray into blockchain has begun with help from the new Exodus 1.

Credit: HTC

(Image credit: HTC)

The handset, which had been tipped for months, is a decidedly high-end device. It comes with a 6-inch quad-HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It has a 3500-mAh battery and its dual rear-facing cameras have 12- and 16-megapixel sensors. On the front, you'll find dual 8-megapixel sensors with a Bokeh effect to boot.

According to HTC, its Exodus 1 will record video in 4K and offers high-quality audio with the company's HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi. Inside, the Exodus 1 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and has 6GB of RAM. It'll offer 128GB of onboard storage.

While that's all fine, what people really want the Exodus 1 for is the blockchain.

That component is headlined by a feature HTC calls the Secure Enclave, which will house your most important data, including keys for your crypto, in its own compartment away from the prying eyes of any other app or service on the device. But since that Secure Enclave is designed to not let data seep out, if you lose your phone or it's stolen, you might have a hard time getting it back.

To address that, HTC's blockchain features include a Social Key Recovery feature that requires you to have some of the people you know download an app that will send them a piece of your recovery key. You'll then need to piece those all together on your side to recover your data.

Of course, the HTC Exodus 1 wouldn't be a blockchain handset if it also didn't store all of your cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. But again, if you find your handset lost or stolen, it could prove to be tricky to get your information back.

Looking ahead, HTC hopes to open its API and bring on more apps that rely on blockchain to the handset. But first, it needs to start selling some phones.

So, if you're interested in buying the Exodus 1, you can pre-order it now. The device can only be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Your Bitcoin price is 0.15 Bitcoin and your Ethereum is 4.78. That's about $955.68 for Bitcoin and $949.88 for Ethereum.

HTC's Exodus 1 will ship in December.