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Google Says Android Will Work with Foldable Phones

Google will make it easier for smartphone makers to launch their own folding devices.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

In a blog post on the Android Developers website, Google said that it will optimize Android to work with foldable phones, allowing smartphone makers to create devices without needing to worry about them working with Google's software.

Still, the company noted that there are hurdles to overcome in developing folding phones. Chief among those is that foldable phones can refer to devices with either one or two screens.

In its blog post, Google said that it was working to ensure that its Android operating system would work with either device type. The company noted that in a single-screen design, Android needs to show content moving around the screen when the phone is folded. In a dual-screen design, the operating system will need to adapt to the orientation and decide what to display on each screen, based on whether the phone is folded or not.

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Folding phones are quickly making their presence felt in the smartphone market, thanks to Samsung. The Korean tech giant this week took the wraps off its plans for a foldable phone by showcasing how the handset would work.

Oddly enough, Samsung dimmed the lights at its Samsung Developers Conference to disguise the handset's final design. But the company did say that when unfolded, the phone's screen would be tablet-sized. But when it's folded, the handset would be able to fit into your pocket without any problem.

Google didn't say much about Samsung's plans for a folding smartphone that will run on Android. The company did, however, say that "several Android manufacturers" were working on foldable phones and that many of them would launch next year.

So while Samsung might be the early leader in folding phones, it appears many others will be joining the fray in the coming months.