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Gmail App Redesign Is Pretty Radical

Google’s Gmail app is getting a little design touch-up — and Dark Mode fans might not love it.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

Last year, Google kicked off a new kind of Material Design-centered visual revamp for its G Suite apps, which include Calendar, Drive, Google Docs and Gmail. The web version of Gmail got this treatment last year, switching to a slightly layered, white-dominant layout anchored by a compose button that features the new Google four-color plus symbol found in most of its latest app refreshes.

According to the announcement today (Jan. 29) by Google, that design is coming to the Gmail mobile app for Android and iOS “in the coming weeks.”

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Most of what’s changing here is visual, but Google points out in its blog that the update will also offer better list overview of mail attachments and quicker switching between accounts.

Though Google G Suite smartphone apps like Gmail and Calendar have, for years, had some form of Google’s Material Design — a scheme that emphasizes touch by flattening most elements of an app’s layout and throwing subtle depth under buttons — the company’s latest tweaks bring more uniform colors, symbols and a lot of white across its services.

The only wrench in the gears of Google’s plan to bring this new look to all of its services is the growing demand for Dark Mode versions of its app. In its Android apps for YouTube, Google Maps, Contacts, Google News, Messages and a few others, Google already offers a Dark Mode that rethemes the app’s white-dominant look for black-dominant, both saving smartphone battery and your eyes at the same time. Google is also expected to add a system-wide Dark Mode in the upcoming version of Android, Q, which will theme the settings menus and drop-down panel.

Of course, not all of Google’s tinkerings with Dark Mode have looked so hot, and we haven’t seen the option mixed into G Suite apps yet. So, expect this new opposite-Dark Mode Gmail design, whether you like it or not, to be the look for a while.

  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Way to bright for my taste. I love the Dark Modes , easier to read. Does have a nice clean style.