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Samsung Galaxy Tab to Launch on September 16?

For those looking for a smaller tablet solution or simply something that's not confined to the insides of Apple walled garden? Well the, Samsung's Galaxy Tab could be the ticket.

It runs Android 2.2, AKA Froyo, and even though Google has said that its latest version of Android isn't optimized for tablets, Samsung appears to have made a few application customizations of its own to make it work.

We won't really know how well it performs until we get our hands on it, but hopefully it'll be sooner than later. In fact, the Wall Street Journal's sources point to later this week as a possible launch for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The even is supposed to take place in New York City at the Time Warner Center on September 16. Further more, the paper says that Samsung has already cut deals with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T to carry the Galaxy Tab.

Pricing is still unknown, but statements made by Samsung executives place it between $200 and $300 after carrier subsidies.