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Fast and Easy Laptop Diagnostics

Description Of The Diagnostic Card Submenus


This menu lets you access a tabular overview of the hardware components installed on the notebook, such as CPU and RAM information and the type and number of interfaces.

The detailed information about the CPU is not displayed correctly

However, we found that the display is not infallibly accurate. During one of our tests, for example, a notebook processor was identified incorrectly. In reality we were dealing with an Intel Pentium-M (Dothan) with 2 MB L2 cache, not a Pentium M with 1 MB L2 cache as the software purported.

The software occasionally fails to correctly identify the interfaces

The system also evinces occasional weaknesses in identifying the type and number of interfaces. That's because the test system, in this case an N203 from Gigabyte, features three USB ports.

On the other hand, the right components were displayed for other laptop models, such as the Thinkpad A30p.