Fast and Easy Laptop Diagnostics

All You Get With The P.H.D. MiniPCI Diagnostic System

Along with the P.H.D. MiniPCI card itself, the box contains a test CD and DVD as well as various loopback adapters, and an audio cable for the audio-loopback test.

In addition to the software, the manufacturer also throws in a test CD and DVD specifically designed for the card's test routines.

Using these extra tools in conjunction with the diagnostic system is supposed to make it possible to test the laptop's peripheral connections and optical drive as well - not the USB connections, though. To test those you'll need an additional external USB tester (QuickTech USB or USB2.0), which is connected to the USB port via a standard USB cable. Then you can use it to test each individual port for USB 2.0 compliance.

The manufacturer includes four different loopback adapters along with the card.

To test a connection, simply plug the corresponding loopback adapter into the respective port and run the appropriate series of measurements.

A plug adapter is included for RJ45-LAN ports and slots.