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How (And Why) To Build Your Own Laptop

Securing the Heatsink Fan

The OCZ notebook ships with another baggy containing seven screws for the heatsink fan assembly. Four of these screw down around the CPU socket and three hold down the main fan unit.

In the image below, you can see we’re pointing from a wire connector to its plug on the motherboard. Attach the wire to the plug. Full disclosure: even experienced system builders like us make dumb oversights. We were so occupied with photographing this process that we forgot to attach the fan’s power cable. Later on, about three minutes into the Windows installation process, our notebook suddenly turned off. Sure enough, the CPU had overheated because we’d neglected to make this connection. While this shouldn’t become a habit, the danger is minimal since Intel and AMD now build so many thermal safeguards into their chips. After attaching the cable, the system has worked perfectly ever since.


One last warning: this particular screw was a pain. It was recessed so deeply that it had to be inserted with needle-nosed pliers before coming in with the Philips screwdriver. Even then, we accidentally dropped the screw into the notebook’s innards, hence our recommendation about using magnetized tools. It all feels a bit like playing that board game, Operation.