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Google Bans SMS Text Spying App From Android

An Android developer has created an application that can secretly forward text messages to another number, opening the door on surveillance of what someone you know is really up to.

In fact, the developer makes it no secret what the target user of Secret SMS Replicator might do with it. Check out the video below.

“This app is certainly controversial, but can be helpful to people in relationships where this type of monitoring can be useful,” said Zak Tanjeloff, CEO of the app's developer, DLP Mobile. “The app is unique because there is no visible icon or shortcut to access it, so once it’s installed, it will continue to monitor without revealing itself.”

The New York Times asked Tanjeloff there might be a version for the iPhone. Nope: “We can’t build it for the iPhone because it wouldn’t make it past the App Store approval process.”

There's no approval process required for the Android Market, so Secret SMS Replicator made it in – but only for a short time, as Google has now pulled the application for violation of the Android content policy.

  • TheWhiteRose000
    ...Where can I find this app...
    I got people I want to spy on.

  • mrmez
    You are not allowed to spy on people.
    Thats Google's job.
  • r0x0r
    Why would you be in a relationship where you don't trust the other person to the point where spying on them becomes a viable option?

  • keanooo
    r0x0rWhy would you be in a relationship where you don't trust the other person to the point where spying on them becomes a viable option?You'll be able to answer that yourself once your balls drop.
  • Scott2010au
    This app breaks so many laws it isn't even funny.
  • alyoshka
    But the comments are certainly funny...... just imagine if something like this could come up, oh I bet there's tons of other stuff, they might have up their sleeves....... something like spycams, eve's audio or etc etc.....
  • aaron88_7
    keanoooYou'll be able to answer that yourself once your balls drop.It takes bigger balls to man up and break up with someone you don't trust instead of being a girl and spying on them. Seriously, if you have to spy on a girl that's cheating on you you are pathetic!
  • rebus_forever
    pulled the app or saved it for themselves? shame its gone i couldve had some lols with it: (
  • Travis Beane
    I'm glad this is gone. I hope something doesn't replace it. If someone put that on my phone, they'd have a SWAT team at their door (oops, sorry, meant to say he only spied on me, I don't recall saying that he was extremely dangerous).
  • alidan
    i will get negitive for this, but it must be said.

    do text messages ever have something of importance attached to them? i don't txt because its hostly the most retarded thing to ever happen to phones, o you have a phone, you can now talk cross country instantly, o you now have wireless talk instantly, now go anywhere instant talking, now you can send a message to them instead of talk and it costs you 20X what it would to just talk.

    to text messages ever have anything of significants, or are they all "i