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Nokia Says Putting Android on Phones is Like Peeing Your Pants for Warmth

Speaking to the Financial Times, the head of Nokia's smartphone department said that Android is but a short-term solution that will lead companies to bigger problems related to brand-recognition in the not too distant future. Though that explanation is simple enough for most people to understand, it seems Vanjoki couldn't resist giving the Financial Times a colorful example of what he was talking about.

Mr Vanjoki agreed with suggestions that handset makers using Android could have low operating margins and claimed they were likely to enjoy only temporary relief with Google’s operating system. He compared the companies to Finnish boys who “pee in their pants” for warmth during the cold winter.

Though experts agree that having the same operating system as everyone else could hurt phone makers' bottom lines, FT also cites analysts who are dubtful that the Symbian operating system has a future because previous iterations have been disappointing.

Nokia this month announced several new handsets for it's Symbian^3 family of smartphones, including the C6, the C7 and the business-orientated E7.

Source: Financial Times via ComputerWorld