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YouTube Gets New Video Editing Features

YouTube has come a long way since the days of shaky home movies. Today, the company took another big step, adding an editing suite that allows users to edit their videos after they've uploaded them. 

"Until now, when you uploaded to YouTube, your video was hosted and shared, but couldn’t really be changed. If you wanted to trim off the end, swap out the soundtrack, or add an effect, you had to edit your video using a separate program and upload again," said YouTube's John Gregg. "Starting today, you can edit your uploaded videos right on YouTube and maintain the same video IDs. This means you keep your view count and comments, and all existing links to your video will continue to work. No re-uploading necessary!"

The most significant addition is probably the ability to stabilize your hand-held footage. We've all experienced those shaky cell phone camera videos that make you feel sea-sick, so this should be a welcome addition even to those who aren't doing the editing and uploading. After that comes color correction (including an "I'm Feeling Lucky" one-click color correction button), and then filters and effects that should appeal to Instagram users.

Check out the new tools in the videos below: