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Logitech Revue Will Be First Google TV Device

Looks as though Logitech will be first out the door with a Google TV device, as reports are indicating that Logitech's Revue set-top box will hit the market on September 29 for a meaty MSRP of $299. The device will also be available to DISH Network subscribers for a discounted price of $179--the discount only applies to one unit per household.

According to earlier hands-on reports, the Logitech Revue features HDMI in and out ports, two USB ports, Ethernet, and SPDIF. The device will also come packed with a separate, full QWERTY keyboard (with trackpad), however it supposedly works with any Harmony remote or Android device. The installation was said to consist of a 12-step process that includes acquiring the user's Google account information and details on the cable box, TV, physical location and more.

As expected, Google TV will bring Internet content to consumers without the need for a PC including YouTube, Yahoo Video, Ustream, VEVO, Facebook and more. Google TV will also categorize every available TV show, listing each by genre (cartoon, horror, sci-fi, etc). "With one simple click, you can tell it to go find them," reported one beta tester. "It will list them, what channel they are on, the remaining time, and if you highlight one, an in-depth description pulls up on the side of the screen."

Google TV--powered by the Android OS and Google's Chrome web browser-- is an open platform for TV-related devices that "brings together the best of TV and the best of the web."