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Dell Offering Unlocked Streak Loaded with Froyo

Over on the Dell forums, the company has revealed that an unlocked version of its Android-powered Streak tablet will arrive in the United States. The only drawback to the news is that currently there's no projected launch date or how much the device will actually cost.

The news was spotted in an updated FAQ regarding the Dell Streak's Android 2.2 (Froyo) update. The first question on the list asks if Froyo will come pre-installed if customers buy the Dell Streak now from Best Buy or directly from the company.

"Best Buy devices currently in stores will be eligible for the Froyo update in December 2010," the company answered. "Additionally, within the next few weeks, an unlocked version of the Streak with Froyo pre-installed will be available on in the U.S. I’ll post back here once I have some solid dates."

The Dell Streak originally shipped with Android 1.6, however the tablet/smartphone hybrid received the v2.1 update back in September. Monday Dell announced that the device would also receive Froyo over the air, however the rollout would be staggered by region.

In the United Kingdom, the unlocked unit will reportedly receive the update first because Dell doesn't have to deal with carrier approval. This "first phase" will be a gradual process over the span of a few weeks. Streak owners locked with a carrier contract may not see Froyo's arrival until later next month.

But as specified by Dell, Froyo will hit the Streak tablet here in the States in December. Additional reports provide a specific date, indicating that AT&T-locked Dell Streaks bought at Best Buy will receive Froyo on December 3. There's a good chance the unlocked Streak will arrive in the same timeframe, just in time for Christmas.