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Augen Says It's Working on Next-Gen Tablets

Back in July we reported that K-Mart was selling a $150 Android-based tablet. Called the Augen GenTouch78, the device sported a 800 x 480 color TFT touch screen, an unspecified CPU clocked at 800 MHz, 256 MB of DDR2 RAM, an internal storage capacity of 2 GB and more.

The price seemed too good to be true, and apparently that was indeed the case. The tablet generated overall negative reviews based on a number of flaws. Google's Android Market wasn't even supposed to be included, and was quickly removed after the initial batch. It's unclear if Kmart yanked the tablet from its shelves, or just isn't restocking the tablet after the current supply is depleted.

Still, that hasn't stopped Augen in its tablet pursuits. The company said Wednesday that it is already busy working on a new line.

"Augen is brewing a new exciting 7- to 10-inch Gentouch Espresso line aggressively priced, with a capacitive multi-touch screen and loaded features at CES 2011," the company said in a short press release. "We used all the ingredients that you gave us to brew this new espresso line. You have tried our cup of coffee, and soon take a sip of our espresso."

According to additional information, the new line will range from $199.99 to $399.99 and will offer a number of features including resistive and multi-touch capacitive screens, an improved battery life (up to 10 hours), Wi-Fi, 3-axis accelerometer, more storage space, and much more.

"Augen is announcing a new proprietary technology preloaded which brings a human factor to our line of PC tablets, which incorporates a form of human friendly input," the company said.

Sty tuned for more info from Augen--possibly before CES 2011 in January 2011.