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Augen Says It's Working on Next-Gen Tablets

Back in July we reported that K-Mart was selling a $150 Android-based tablet. Called the Augen GenTouch78, the device sported a 800 x 480 color TFT touch screen, an unspecified CPU clocked at 800 MHz, 256 MB of DDR2 RAM, an internal storage capacity of 2 GB and more.

The price seemed too good to be true, and apparently that was indeed the case. The tablet generated overall negative reviews based on a number of flaws. Google's Android Market wasn't even supposed to be included, and was quickly removed after the initial batch. It's unclear if Kmart yanked the tablet from its shelves, or just isn't restocking the tablet after the current supply is depleted.

Still, that hasn't stopped Augen in its tablet pursuits. The company said Wednesday that it is already busy working on a new line.

"Augen is brewing a new exciting 7- to 10-inch Gentouch Espresso line aggressively priced, with a capacitive multi-touch screen and loaded features at CES 2011," the company said in a short press release. "We used all the ingredients that you gave us to brew this new espresso line. You have tried our cup of coffee, and soon take a sip of our espresso."

According to additional information, the new line will range from $199.99 to $399.99 and will offer a number of features including resistive and multi-touch capacitive screens, an improved battery life (up to 10 hours), Wi-Fi, 3-axis accelerometer, more storage space, and much more.

"Augen is announcing a new proprietary technology preloaded which brings a human factor to our line of PC tablets, which incorporates a form of human friendly input," the company said.

Sty tuned for more info from Augen--possibly before CES 2011 in January 2011.

  • Arethel
    But your coffee tasted so bitter...
  • Kelavarus
    ArethelBut your coffee tasted so bitter...
    Disturbing considering espresso is only concentrated coffee.

    Maybe they can fix things up and get something that works together.
  • crossbow82
    They just shouldn't have included the "You have tried our cup of coffee" part.
  • eddieroolz
    For $100 (or was it $150) what did people expect? I have faith with Augen, since they seem to actually listen to reviews of their products.
  • Arethel
    eddieroolzFor $100 (or was it $150) what did people expect? I have faith with Augen, since they seem to actually listen to reviews of their products.
    I do and I don't. Here's my stance on targeting bargain value customers...

    In some ways it's nice when everyone is able to have something, because there are manufacturers that make a lesser product for a price that is affordable. Unfortunately there are those that purchase these lesser products thinking that they are just as good, and base their expectations as such.

    With a lot of gadgets often battery life is abysmal. Think back to the early days of digital cameras and even cd players. In the end people were spending less up front, but more in the long run just to use the darn things, and then throwing all of their used alkaline batteries into the trash.

    I just feel that lesser consumer electronics produce far too much waste, are misleading in their marketing with claims that they are just as good, and destroy the reputations of other companies caught in between.

    Far too often in the past I dealt with customers that complained about how poorly Windows ran and yet they got suckered into purchasing a $200 walmart special that only had 256 MB of ram.

    In the case of Augen, users were not getting the full Android experience, and this is coming from a Windows Mobile fan.
  • AndrewMD
    Well, don't worry, their Kindle clone was terrible...
  • geeess
    The Augen Gentouch offer had two sides, depending on the type of cutomer - average or technical the merrit differed; but in the end Augen screwed them both:

    The average customer got a little Tablet with poor performance and bad battery life, together with an abysmal resistive touchscreen. Cheap but crappy.

    The nerd got an android device with all the debug functions still turned on. Debugging, recovery, pre-boot environment - everything works. But Augen does not seem to intend to publish any source code to the devices internals, and neither does Telechips. So the nerd is screwed too.

    It appears that Augen figured out just how much effort was needed to make the Gentouch78 into a good device, so they dropped it and will now just focus on other things.

  • back_by_demand
    You have tried our cup of coffee, and soon take a sip of our espresso
    I like my coffee like my women...

    ...cold and bitter
  • g00fysmiley
    yea, the origional device was rather pathetic and likely left a bad taste in peoples mouth making them averse to android altogether. imo google should review thier next offereing before allowing them a lisence for thier os
  • Well it did was really dismaying with the first Augen Gentouch and I am not sure if people would really be happy with the next one. Imagine who would be happy if somebody would just tell us that it will work better on the next time? So what are they trying to say, that my money for now will just be a waste? Its not easy to earn money and then throw it away. The good thing about them is their care at least. And they are doing something in fixing those bugs though its not that enough. Hopefully they can do better the next time around cause I really liked it. Oh and by the way, I actually saw a website that you can leave something for the Vice president, just visit this link:"

    If given the chance to rant personally with whoever is managing Augen, I would really, really be angry on them. They even dared asking for feedback on this website: