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VIDEO: Google's Thorough Tour of Android 3.0

A lot of companies have held off on announcing release dates for upcoming tablets because they’re waiting for Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb, which is the version of Google’s mobile OS that’s optimised for tablets. Up until today we didn’t know very much about Honeycomb at all. However, at a Verizon event at CES today, Google lifted the lid on Honeycomb, detailing the OS’s UI in several YouTube videos.

Even if you’re rocking the latest version of Android, we doubt you’ll have seen anything quite like Honeycomb. Obviously the idea behind a new version of Android specifically for tablets is to give an experience that is more suited to tablets and more than just Android on a bigger screen. So what’s different?

The demo videos also show a dedicated Gmail widget, which is similar to the Gmail app on the iPad. There’s also the addition of GTalk, an improved books application, the new version of Maps (which some Android users are already enjoying), and an improved keyboard layout (thankfully!).

Check out Google’s videos below for the full low-down on Android 3.0 Honeycomb!