Amazon Drops All Sprint, Verizon and AT&T Phones to 1 cent

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, retailers are preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year. Though brick-and-mortar stores might wait until after Thanksgiving to bring discounts into effect, online retailers are kicking things off earlier with sales and special deals going on all week. Amazon is among them with its latest deal that will see all of its Sprint, Verizon and AT&T smartphones reduced to just a penny.

Lasting through until November 28, also known as Cyber Monday, Amazon is calling this doozy of a discount the "Penny Pincher Sale." However, if you thought you could just log on, order a phone for your network and log off, then you'll be sad to learn that, as with other years, there is a catch. Amazon might be selling all of these smartphones for a penny-a-piece, but that's conditional on you signing up for a new line of service when you're purchasing the phone.

Among the phones available for a penny are the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, the Motorola Atrix (pictured) and the Droid Incredible 2. Is the deal worth the contract? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • stm1185
    "They'll get more out of you than if you'd pay full cost of an unlocked phone right away." That is some FAIL logic. Do they charge less for Data and Minutes and Texting on an unlocked phone? Looking at their plans it looks like they charge the same.

    So on Sprint you would pay the full $500 for a Galaxy S2 phone, then pay $80 a month, while you could pay 1 cent and then $80 a month? And you think paying the $500 up front will save you money?

    Nah you must think you can go to some cheap pay as you go wireless company after spending that $500 and then save a little each month, but in reality if the subsidy model went away Sprint, ATT, and Verizon would end those cheap pay and go companies using their networks. Causing those places to go under.

    Then you'd end up back paying the same monthly rate to Sprint or ATT or Verizon, except now also paying the extra $300-400 up front, all just not to have a contract.
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  • soccerdocks
    It needs to be illegal to subsidize phone costs by requiring a contract to sign. Phones should sell for what they cost to make them. Phone carriers need to be forced to do this and as a result lower their ridiculously high monthly prices.
  • jsheridan
    Since the companies usually charge you $199 to get a phone with a contract, yeah I think the deal is worth it if you are at the end of your current contract or signing up for the first time.
  • Anonymous