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I Played a Tiny Version of Street Fighter II (And Got My Butt Kicked)

NEW YORK — Cailing all fighting game enthusiasts (that means you, Michael Andronico)! New Wave Toys is launching a 12-inch Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade arcade cabinet. Yes, it is a fully functional arcade cabinet scaled to one-sixth of the size of a real one. I played it and got my butt whooped, but it was awesome.

New Wave Toys is rolling out its Street Fighter cabinet on July 1, 2019 and it’s currently available for preorder on their site for $99 ($119 is the regular price after presale).

This baby looks so detailed and authentic between its wood construction and high-resolution art that you could convince me New Wave Toys used a shrink ray on a full-sized arcade cabinet.

The cabinet featured adorable baby arcade switches mapped for strong, fierce and jab punches as well as short, forward and roundhouse kicks, which provided tactile feedback and just enough room to comfortably play. Of course, the joystick wasn't as smooth as a to-scale model, but it was snappy enough to let me pull off a few unintentional combos while I was fighting the PR rep.

With the cabinet, you get a USB mini fight stick (which allows for two player combat), a charge cable, RepliCade mini arcade tokens and an operator's manual. And along with the Champion Edition of Street Fighter II, you actually get the Super Turbo version as well.

Its 3.5-inch LCD screen glowed in an almost eerie and reminiscent way that brought me back to the days of playing in an arcade (yes, I have been in arcades when I was a kid, in spite of my young age). It was so easy to get wrapped into a fight when I went toe to toe with the PR rep.

He beat me, but I put up a pretty good fight if I do say so myself. Then, Sherri L. Smith herself stepped up and squashed me like a bug with Chun-Li. This was definitely the most fun I had at Toy Fair 2019 thus far (despite my constant losses).

New Wave Toys has already launched cabinets for Centipede and Tempest, but the company is currently working on a prototype for Dragon’s Lair. The best part about New Wave Toys’ arcade cabinets is that you can carry them anywhere, whether it's to parties to start a tournament or family functions where you can deliver some fun nostalgia to an otherwise boring gathering.

We’re more than excited to get our hands on this bad boy to fully review it, so stay tuned for that and more Toy Fair 2019 coverage!

Rami Tabari
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