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Razer's Twitch-Minded Webcam is Ready for Prime Time

The Razer Stargazer was one of my favorite gadgets from CES, as it allows aspiring game streamers (such as myself) to get pro-level webcam quality without an elaborate green screen setup. The device kind of went dark for a while, but not only does it finally have a release date, it also just got $50 cheaper.

The Stargazer will start shipping on Oct. 2, and its price has been slahed to $149 down from $199. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), that's the same day TwitchCon 2016 wraps up, so gamers who have been newly inspired to become the next streaming superstar will have a device that makes it pretty easy to get started.

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Like Intel's RealSense camera, the Stargazer is capable of 3D scanning. That means that you can use the camera to superimpose yourself onto a variety of backgrounds, including whatever game you're broadcasting to places like Twitch or YouTube. You typically need a green screen to achieve a similar level of immersion for your viewers, so the Stargazer could end up saving you some cash or setup time.

But just as importantly, the Stargazer is crisp and speedy enough for a high-quality stream. The camera can record at 60 frames per second at 720p, or at a crisper 1080p if you're willing to lower the framerate. It also sports a noise-cancelling mic, as well as a clip that lets it attach easily to your laptop screen or monitor.

I was really impressed by the Stargazer's background removal capabilities back when I used it at CES, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other cool gesture-control and 3D scanning applications it can pull off. If you're looking to get serious about growing your Twitch channel or YouTube page, you might want to keep an eye on it come this October.