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Dates Leaked for Prime Day: When to Expect Sales to Start

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is still a few weeks away, but new hints indicate that Amazon's Black Friday like sale could start as early as July 12.

Tom's Guide recently received an e-mail from a PR agency promoting a Prime Day sale which runs from July 12 through July 19. Yes, that implies a full week of Amazon Prime Day deals.

We followed up with the agency, which then clarified that their specific promo will run during that time frame. When we asked the agency specifically about Amazon Prime Day dates, they added the following: "We don't know the exact dates yet either — but it will be within that range based on what we've heard."

That's the second PR-based Prime Day leak we've seen this month.

Additionally, UK tech site T3 has received a tip that a "popular home security camera brand" will launch two new cameras on July 15, which they said would coincide with Prime Day.

Last year, various companies launched new products during Prime Day. Delta launched an Alexa-capable faucet, whereas Crayola launched a 60th Anniversary Crayon set, which happens to be $2 off today. So it's not surprising to hear that Amazon Prime Day will include new product launches again this year.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon hasn't confirmed a date for Prime Day yet and it likely won't until late June or early July. (That's when it usually kicks off its Prime Day countdown).

Of course, there's one more major sale before Prime Day: 4th of July. Make sure to bookmark our Amazon Prime Day for the latest news and updates on Prime Day 2019.