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Amazon Torches Support for Fire TV Game Controller

If you play Android games on your Fire TV device, Amazon may have just taken away one of your best options. Thanks to an update pushed down from Amazon, the Fire TV Game Controller no longer works on multiple Amazon devices.

Reports of the discontinued support came from The Register, which notes that users initially blamed their broken controllers on a bug. A note on the Fire TV Game Controller product page, though, includes a bullet point stating that the device is "not compatible with Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD - Pendant Design, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, or Fire TV Cube."

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Fortunately, the $50 Fire TV Game Controller still works with the wildly popular Fire TV Stick, which Amazon frequently discounts the price of. The Register also claims that the controller still works with the Fire TV Cube, and posits that Amazon's mention of that box is a warning that support will fade away in a future update.

Looking for an alternative? Snakebyte offers its own Gamepad for Android for $30, which is $20 less than Amazon's own controller. While the product details don't mention Fire TV support, multiple reviews note that it works with Fire TV devices.

We've reached out to Amazon for an explanation, and will update this story if and when we receive a response.

Henry T. Casey

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