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Agloves: The Silver-laced Gloves That Love Touchscreens

The perfect solution for milder winter days.

After spending a couple of months with the Agloves, they've become our favorite piece of winter-wear for smartphone use. In terms of warmth, they're not much different from a regular liner, but sometimes that's all you need to keep your hands just warm enough.

If you need more warmth, the Agloves fit well into thicker gloves that have exposed finger and thumb holes. Amazingly, the Agloves even worked when another thin liner was put over them. When we removed the Agloves and only wore the liner, touchscreens no longer responded. We're not quite sure what the Agloves did to extend the capacitive touch through an extra layer, but it was pleasantly surprising to be able to still use our smartphones while keeping even warmer.

Though the Agloves are advertised as being fit for outdoor sports, in most conditions they're not warm enough – particularly for skiers and snowboarders. Plus, the fact that they're not waterproof (though they still work perfectly well when wet), means that any adequately thick glove or mitten on top will block transmission to the touchscreen.

Temperature aside, the Aglove allows greater freedoms when operating your tablet or phone. Since the Aglove makes your entire hand conductive, that means that you're not limited to just using the tips of your thumb and fingers. If you like to punch your iPad or high-five your Xoom tablet, then you can still do that with the Agloves.

At $17.99, they're priced on the lower end of the spectrum compared to other competitors in this cold-weather gadget-glove category. There's also good news for buyers outside of the U.S.: Agloves now ships to Canada and also has a shipping location in the Netherlands for EU buyers. If you're finding yourself answering your ringing phone by either frantically throwing down your gloves like an agitated hockey player, or by pecking at it with your nose, then we recommend that you try the Agloves.

Marcus Yam is a technology evangelist for Intel Corporation, having previously been an executive editor for Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware.

  • dconnors
    Obviously the next step is to make Terminator gloves that morph into blades. That way you can properly hash out the Android vs. iPhone debate with your friends!

  • Travis Beane
    ArticleThey're not much different from a regular liner, but sometimes that's all you needI live in Canada. I think they would be useful for only a couple months of the year. Between December and early March, my city had many -25 Celsius days (and even colder nights), usually accompanied by wind.
    Think they'll make a version to fit over my insulated leather gloves?
  • eyeklops
    I don't see why they couldn't take a much thicker glove and sew a plug of this material through the tip of a finger.
  • Khimera2000
    can they make a larger version that moves further up the arm to extend conductivity over larger gloves???
  • RipperjackAU
    Ohhh, Ohhh... Make thigh high stocks out of this stuff. Then I can wear them with 6 inch pumps and my gimp outfit. ;)
  • Next is a jacket out of the same fabric to avoid static electricity discharges when
    getting out of a cloth lined car seats