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Acer Unveils 35-inch, 4K Gaming Monitor

BERLIN – How big do you want your PC games to be? Whether you're embarking upon a single-player adventure or getting friends together for a LAN party, Acer wants to capture your attention (and your money) with its Z35 Predator monitor and Predator Projector.

Acer announced its two newest gaming peripherals at IFA 2015. The Z35 monitor, a curved 35-inch 4K display, will retail for $1,200 when it comes out in December. The Predator Projector does not yet have a price or a release date.

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I went eyes-on with the monitor, which was hooked up to a computer running Far Cry 4, shortly after the conference. The device ran the game in perfect 4K resolution without any discernible lag, tearing or color imbalances. (I could not detect the rate of frames per second by eye, but the monitor should support frame rates of up to 200 fps.) Its curved design helped keep my eyes front and center, and there was a lot I could see in my peripheral vision, thanks to the clear display and generous angles (-5 to 25 degrees).

Acer was unable to showcase the projector immediately after the press conference, but there was a good reason for that: the device is capable of creating a 120-inch display, which is hard to demonstrate in a confined space. When discussing the device, Acer highlighted its short throw (ability to project over short distances) and huge size, making it suitable for PC gamers to play a multiplayer game on the same screen.

While both the monitor and the projector are hard to judge in a controlled convention environment, Acer seems committed to selling consumers both high-end gaming PCs and the means to display them. We'll have more thorough coverage of these peripherals once we get them in for review.