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You Can Now Use Retro Controllers on Nintendo Switch

If you're hoping to get your hands on a new controller for your Nintendo Switch, but don't like the idea of a new-age option, a small retro-gaming company could deliver a solution.



8Bitdo on Tuesday (May 23) released firmware version 4.0 for all of its upgradeable controllers, which, among other things, delivers compatibility with the Nintendo Switch.

8Bitdo sells a variety of near-replica retro gaming controllers, including some that look like the official Super Nintendo controllers, Nintendo 64 controllers, and original NES controllers. The company even sells a Retro Cube Speaker.

Those interested in retro gaming -- and solid controllers, for that matter -- have lauded 8Bitdo for its outstanding controllers. The company's controllers are viewed as reliable and well-built, without some of the limitations other copycat controllers have come with over the years.

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The company noted in its announcement on Tuesday that all of its controllers will work with Nintendo Switch in one form or another. However, since some of its controllers have only a few buttons to match their authentic predecessors, not all of its products will work with every game. The company's NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro have enough buttons to work with any Nintendo Switch title, but you'll need to map the buttons to match up with Switch controls.

One of the nice things about the 8Bitdo controllers is that they won't break the bank. While the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller will set you back $70, the aforementioned NES30 Pro is available for just $43. Better yet, the controller works across several platforms aside from Switch, including Windows, macOS, Steam and Android.

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